NASA Spin Testing

The Grumman AA1B was one of the aircraft types used by NASA during it's extensive programme of spin-testing of General Aviation aircraft in the 1970s - videos available here

The aircraft being placarded aginst spinning, along with it's short-winged and short-coupled configuration lent itself to this investigation into remedies for unintentional spins.

James M. Patton Jr. completed a whopping 8,000 spin turns throughout his career at NASA. As a research pilot at Langley Research Center, Patton and his team—which consisted of engineers Paul Stough and Dan DiCarlo along with test pilot Phil Brown—were bent on understanding and preventing dangerous unintentional spins... more at Techbriefs

The Yankee was used extensively at Langley in the Stall/Spin Program for General Aviation Aircraft that was conducted from 1973-1979. Researchers included Jim Bowman, Jim Patton, Tod Burk, and Paul Stough. Sammy Mason, a well-known test pilot, who wrote a book on the subject of spins and spin recovery for private pilots.

James Patton's (pictured-left) self-written obituary can be seen here. He passed away in 2014 but wrote his own obituary in advance, one way to ensure that at least some facts are correct!

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